About the Tattooed Theologian

Greetings and welcome to my blog. My name is Dillon Naber Cruz and among many things, I am a tattooed theologian who currently resides in Lancaster, PA. I am also the author of the book Go Golden: Applying a Universal Religious Teaching and the Ethics of Permaculture to Create a Sustainable, Just, Happier World, published in 2018 by Wipf and Stock Publishers. Find it here: Go Golden

My theological interests include ecological sustainability, living into the kindom of God, reflecting on the social and historical contexts of Jesus’ life and ministry, and deconstructing from fundamentalism.

My theological education was undertaken at Lancaster Theological Seminary where I received a M.A. in religion in 2018. My B.A. in history and I have multiple Permaculture Design Certifications including an Advanced Design Practicum from Oregon State University.

I look forward to sharing my theological reflections with you.

Email me at:  dcruz@lancasterseminary.edu

Sept 2019
Peace be with you.



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