Dr. King and intersectionality

The Tattooed Theologian

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Books have the power to profoundly impact our lives. In 2006, I found an audiobook copy of A Call to Conscience: The Landmark Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. at my local library. I had some familiarity with King’s work prior to listening to that book, and his autobiography in quick succession, but not much. Those two books changed all of that for me. He was of course a supremely gifted orator and it is a blessing to live in an age where his speeches have been preserved for future generations. Those speeches inform my personal theological stances and have stayed with me ever since.

One of the speeches in the collection truly stood out for me. It is one that likely got him into a good deal of trouble with those who maintain the Domination System in American political life because he was critical of U.S. foreign policy and…

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